Saturday, July 2, 2011

Brighton - An Insider's Guide

The best part about being on Twitter is that you can use the friends you make on it as excellent resources for various topics. So I asked my good friend Mark to write and tell about Brighton, UK for my travel blog. Mark is a film enthusiast and runs a wonderful website Ultimate Reviews for which I write on occasion. I recommend following him on Twitter as well where he uses the handle @reviwer
Brighton Pier
When most people think of Brighton this is what they think of; The iconic Brighton Pier, sitting on the famous Pebley Beach. This is the Palace pier which is now Brighton's only working pier after the original West pier (shown below) was closed back in 1975 and has since suffered a number of fires that have left it as just a shell of its former self, standing lonely in the sea opposite its younger brother the Palace pier. The burnt shell makes for some fantastic sunsets, as the sun sinks below the horizon and shines through the remains of the pier.
Brighton West Pier
The Palace pier offers holiday makers a taste of your typical British seaside resort, with classic rides, as well as some more modern (scarier) rides. To get the true British seaside feel it is worth grabbing some Fish and Chips and sitting on one of the deck chairs on the beach and watch the sun go down.
Brighton Lanes
One of the hidden gems of Brighton is the fantastic Lanes. The Lanes is a maze of little specialist shops and boutiques all crammed down little tiny alley ways that it is sometime hard to get more than one person down at a time. There are a host of shops, restaurants, bars and coffee shops that are some of the best in Brighton all hidden away down here and its worth spending a few hours working your way around investigating. With shops ranging from a classic musket shop to a classic sweet shop you are guaranteed to find what you need in Brighton Lanes. You might find that the prices in some of these shops are rather high but look harder and you do often find a bargain hidden away.
Brighton Pavillion
Another of Brighton's more famous attractions is the Brighton Pavilion. Looking almost like the Taj Mahal in India, it was built for the Prince Regent back in 1787 and has a remarkably exotic and oriental appearance both inside and out. With some lovely gardens surrounding the Pavilion, you will always find a number of buskers creating a nice relaxing background that suits the feel very well. The gardens are very popular with locals and tourists alike and are a favorite gathering place for friends to meet and sit on the grass for a picnic lunch.
FatBoy Slim
Brighton is a very popular place and you will stand a good chance of bumping into a local celebrity. The likes of Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), Emma Button (Baby Spice) and Katie Price are all regulars in the city centre and are all known for loving the city.

In fact Fatboy Slim loves Brighton so much that he has thrown many free beach parties that have now become almost an annual event and attracts people from all over the world (one bringing over 250,00 people) who gather and party out to the sounds of Fatboy Slim on Brighton beach.

All in all Brighton is a fantastic place to visit or live and boasts almost the best climate you can get in the British Isles. To get the best out of Brighton it is worth visiting in the summer months as the city really comes alive during this period.

Disclaimer: All photographs have been taken from the internet. In case they violate any copyright laws, please inform me and either I will credit you or remove them, as per your choice.


  1. Yes, it's a great place to live indeed. If anyone's thinking of going, be prepared there are two sets of lanes: the South Lanes, sometimes called the East Lanes, and the North Laine (singular with an i). Hope that's not too confusing. Head North for clothes, coffee, guitars, books and most of the music (both new and second hand).

  2. Thanks for the tip Mark. Appreciate it a lot :-)