Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rhodes – Heating up the Greek Isles (Words by Mark P.)

If you’re after a summer holiday with guaranteed sun, you could do worse than look at the Greek islands. The summer is practically wall to wall sunshine and temperatures in the mid 30's every day, which has turned Greece into a very popular tourist destination for people in search of sun, sea and relaxation.

Pefkos Beach - Photo: Mark
Being one of the most popular of all Greek islands, Rhodes has become a tourist haven for many European holiday makers like myself. Having been before to Rhodes I thought I knew what to expect, but having never been in the height of summer I was amazed at the relentless heat that strikes you as soon as you arrive. After a short 4 hour flight you can immediately feel the heat after landing on the tarmac at Rhodes International Airport, which gives the immediate feel of being on holiday.  

I was staying in the small family resort of Pefkos, close to the picturesque town of Lindos, which happens to be about an hours drive from the airport. Our journey there in a coach, which had minimal air conditioning (the driver insisted it was on, but it felt like a sauna on there) is not exactly what you need after a four hour flight at 2 am in the morning. Travelling through the night to our resort, the temperature gauge on the bus was reading 37 degrees (yes that’s 37 degrees at 2am), so needless to say the journey was quite unpleasant.

Lindia Thalassa - Photo: Mark
After our arrival at our hotel, the Lindia Thalassa, we headed straight to bed to get over the flight and the "lovely" bus ride. The next day we could finally appreciate Pefkos for the first time. The sky was a brilliant blue without a cloud in sight and not a breath of wind. Taking a nice stroll down to the resort’s beach you get to see the tranquility and calmness of Pefkos. Everything is relaxed, including the sea as it gently laps at the beach, making for a very enjoyable background noise to a nap on the beach.

Surrounded by a rugged and barren coastline, Pefkos feels almost cut off from the hustle and bustle of neighboring Lindos situated only 10 minutes away. The town of Pefkos itself is quite small and consists mainly of one main street which is full to the brim of restaurants. You won’t struggle to find a nice place to eat, with outlets offering traditional Greek food and of course English favorites along with Chinese and Indian cuisine.

Lindos Bay - Photo: Mark
Spending the days enjoying the beach or by the pool followed by a nice meal in the evening is a fantastic way to relax from your usual hectic lifestyle. But, if you wish to get out and explore a little you don’t have to go much further than neighboring Lindos which is as picturesque as Pefkos. Built of a number of rolling hills, the buildings are crammed into the smallest of areas making for lots of little alleyways and roads for you to discover. Lindos also boasts a much bigger beach that is very popular among tourists and is definitely worth a visit (but watch out for that sand as it gets very hot in the mid-day sun).

All in all, Pefkos has a lovely family atmosphere with the town shutting down around 12pm and everywhere being child friendly. If anything, I would recommend going earlier or later in the year as the heat is a bit too much in late July/early August and you will find yourself sheltering under the umbrella at any opportunity you get.

About the Author: Mark is a dear friend and a fellow film blogger who has been nice enough to write a couple of travel posts for me. Although, I love and appreciate his travel posts but fear with time if he carries on he will be giving me healthy competition in the travel blog world as well. In the meantime, please follow him on twitter @reviwer and visit his excellent film site Ultimate Reviews for which I occasionally review films.   

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