Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's All About The Journey

Someone (I do not know who, and I was a tad lazy to find out) once said that half the fun of traveling is in the journey. I must confess that I'm an anxious flyer so I disagree with that on most occasions. In fact traveling locally by road or rail in India is not that great either, but given the choice I would much prefer rail/road transport over air.

So, till they come up with a teleportation device I unfortunately will have to make do with these modes of transportations. But, to make the most of it, I've started carrying my camera along with me during these journeys.

Recently I took a road trip to the hill station of Mussoorie with my wife, daughter and the family of a school friend. Mussoorie because of its proximity to Delhi and cooler temperatures has long been a go to destination during summers for the people of North India. But, before I get into that (in a future post) here are some sights I captured along the route;

Perfect Start - An early morning marriage procession

And you thought only cows were allowed on Indian roads

Get your Yaks serviced!!

Trucks - Deadly yet Essential...

... add to that Arty!

God, it seems, is Everywhere

Not far from our destination

Heading home, what better than to see your name at the back of a car?

Hawaii!??? I wish... You Wish!

Stand Clear!!

Haunted Tunnel ... Not really!

Indian history left to ruins :-(

Well, Hello there!

Art in motion

Fruits anyone?

Old World Charm

Roadside eateries (Dhabba)

Traffic Jam - One of many we encountered

Some people will do anything for a good view

The end of the Day and the end of our Journey


  1. The roads in India were always an adventure and I quite liked them if i'm honest, much more colourful than what I'm used to in London.

    One thing I never saw however was a Yak Servicing station. That is brilliant haha!

    1. I have to agree. Although we crib about the bad roads and rash driving, India via road is a wonderful experience. Thanks