Saturday, July 28, 2012

Plane Names

Have you ever noticed that a number of airlines make it a habit to "name" their planes. Maybe it's all airlines, but I'm not sure.

Nevertheless I know KLM does and it's always fun finding out which famous personality/city/place (usually the names) you are going to fly in.

During my European trips I have flown in Florence Nightingale a few time and yesterday it was in a plane named Audrey Hepburn. Too exciting for a cinephile like me.

A little research tells me that all of McDonnell Douglas MD-11 planes in KLMs fleet are named after female pioneers from different fields of life. As it happens these are the planes used on my flight routes.

Unfortunately I do not have a photographs of the planes, but hopefully it is a nice little collection I can start by taking and documenting the trip with the plane I took, recognized by "her" name.


  1. That might be the start of a nice new series. Looking forward to seeing the photoposts. If I am not mistaken, I believe that Air India used to name its planes too at one point of time.

  2. Thanks. Since i've finally upgraded to a camera phone I can start taking the photos from my next trip :-)

  3. Hey, this is interesting...I was not aware of this...
    Air India used to be Maharaja--well, that' s a Male one!..
    Very interesting...

    1. I think Maharaja was their mascot... Maybe they named a plane that too... But KLM names them all differently.

  4. Sounds interesting. It takes out all the fun if you name your Planes after politicians. Rajiv Gandhi Airbus 320 for example. That is what happens with Indian nomenclature generally.

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  7. My favorite plane name is the Lufthansa Airbus A320-200 called Schwäbisch Gmünd. It replaces an earlier Boeing 737 with the same name that was scrapped in Tulsa, Oklahoma in June 2012. Here's a picture of the new Airbus: Here's one of the old Boeing: